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Your personal travel log. Share your adventures with friends around the globe.

About triplib.

Do you remember the name of the tapas bar that you went to in Barcelona recently?
Everyone knows of such a situation: You always want to remember the best places of a trip, to find them again or to recommend them to friends. In the best case you'll accept a business card, which you may never find again.

You can create your own personal travel log
triplib. allows you to create travel logs in a quick and easy way and to upload your photographs. You can do that while you're still in an internet cafe on a sunny island or after you return to your office - it will only take a few minutes to keep your memories fresh. It's up to you whether you make a few notes only or enrich them with your photos or you can create a detailed travel log and share your experiences and recommendations with other travelers and friends.

Your personal world map shows all countries you have visited
You can check your friends' world maps to show exciting and interesting places they have been to and read what they have to tell about their personal experiences and recommendations.

triplib. is a community for all different types of travelers
Whether you are discovering the world as backpacker, relaxing at the pool as a package tourist or jetting to your next meeting as business traveler - you will want to remember the best times of your life. So why not make a short note about a lonely island or the best beach bar and the best Brasilian restaurant for business meetings or for purely entertaining.

Quick and easy to use
Travel logs appear in a well designed and structured manner. The modular design principle allows you to create fantastic looking travel logs in very short time. You can send a link to your friends right away and share your paradise. Last but not least - you don't need rocket science computer skills. Just hit the keyboard and move the mouse.

Let triplib. support you to remember the best times of your life!