triplib. | FAQ


Your personal travel log. Share your adventures with friends around the globe.


What does the name "triplib." stand for?
triplib. is a composition of "trip" and the abbreviation for "library". The triplib. community of users creates a "library" full of their personal travel logs.

Is triplib. safe?
Yes. We respect your privacy and do not share your details with third parties. You can also read our terms and conditions for a more detailed view.

What makes triplib. special compared to other travel communities?
In contrast to other travel communities triplib. focuses on the documentation of travel logs for the user's personal purpose after returning from a journey. triplib. allows you to create travel logs in a quick and easy way and upload your images. You can do that while you're still in an internet cafe on a sunny island or after your return to your office - it only takes a few minutes to keep your memories vivid. It's up to you whether you make a few notes or enrich it with your photos or if you wish you can create a detailed travel log and share your experiences and recommendations with other travelers and friends.

Does triplib. keep its services free of charge?
Yes, triplib. will keep providing it's services for free. Some additional functionalities and features may be offered in future for premium user.

Who can read my travel logs?
This is up to you only. You can set the read authorization for any of your travel logs. You have following options "Not published / In progress", "For friends only" or "Published". "Not published / In progress" is set as default. If you want to share your travel logs with other travelers you will need to change your settings to "Published".